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Halloween means we have a ridiculous amount of candy that invades our homes.  We have a ridiculous amount of temptation and most feel that Halloween allows you and your children to eat that candy!  Like we are entitled to it, I mean it is Halloween after all.  

But listen, let’s make a choice.  Let’s bring a healthier version of Halloween into our homes, to our parties and our get togethers.  

So this year, instead of a candle hurricane filled with candy corn, I’ve opted to decorate with this adorable little fruit medley.  

And all it takes is a sharpie and some imagination.  

Wait.. imagination too much brain power for you today?  

I got you covered… I’ve created a Pinterest board filled with Healthy Halloween ideas… 

Click here to go to the board and find one you like!  

Oh and those “eyeballs” are grapes cut in half topped with a mini marshmallow and a chocolate chip. (tip, moisten the marshmallow for the “stickiness”) Don’t leave these out in the house because they will spoil…

Although they didn’t in my house… notice anything different with from the first pic to this one?





Yeah… it’s called a toddler… she loved them… gobbled them all up… guess we’re making more before the big kids get home from school…


Happy Halloween! 




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