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Real talk :

Are you a person that constantly says ” I have no money right now” but then is never doing anything to GET OUT of that situation???
I’ve so been there.

To you I say –
What if you actually spent money on something that could CHANGE your situation instead of constantly LIVING IN IT – doing the same bad habits over and over and over again?

When my coach first told me the easiest way to sign up would be to purchase a simple workout program FOR ME , start a business that had no income ceiling and endless possibility if I worked at it , and even if I didn’t like it return it free of charge ..I FINALLY SAID…


Not many professions have you work on YOU FIRST so you can make money. And I surely needed to work on ME!

Work on me, I did!
Then it was, well if I can share this with some of my mom friends and help them feel like I was feeling, it would be so worth it.
Work WITH them, I did!

And now, yes – here I sit coming from a place of “I have no money right now” to telling moms like me “Why not you?”

Does the old me sound like you? I know the feeling. Your health is an investment. Why not make it your money maker as well?

Are you in that cycle ? Stop saying it and start DOING SOMETHING!

If you’d like more information on how to get started partnering with me  – click here! 

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