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MEMORIAL DAY always puts a big smile on my face…
(plus this is what happens when I work out… EXERCISE GIVES YOU ENDORPHINS… ENDORPHINS MAKE YOU HAPPY!)

I want you going into your holiday celebrations AND coming back out GUILT FREE!

Here are a few tips to help you enjoy your holiday weekend…

1. START TODAY! Up your water intake throughout the day, and especially the day before and the day after.

2. Eat before you go to the party! Make sure you eat some protein early in the day.

3. Switch out a glass of water for each drink you have…. sugary or alcoholic…

4. For every savory appetizer you enjoy, find one that is somewhat good for you… buffalo chicken dip – then veggies – REPEAT…

5. Drink a BIG glass of water right before you sit for dinner

6. Fill your plate like this… 1) greens and veggies 2)protein 3) carbs. PSSSTTT… once you have the veggies and protein on there… there won’t be as much room for the carbs…

7. DESSERT… pick your dessert… eat 3 bites of it and see if you still want it. Lots of times the first bite is telling your brain… YES!

The second bite is saying – this is really delicious.

By the third bite your brain just might say… hmmm… ok party’s over… thanks for giving me a treat! Research shows that by the 3rd bite your brain isn’t really interested so much anymore. DON’T FINISH IT JUST BECAUSE IT’S IN FRONT OF YOU!

8. MOST IMPORTANT : Enjoy yourself! I believe the holiday’s are really about connection. Be present and fully engaged with your family and friends. Focus your energy on your gratitude and loved ones, not on feeling guilty or anxious about your food.

Remember this: The holiday meals won’t make you gain weight, it’s what you do in the days before and after that count the most.



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