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I’m in LOVE with my new DIY rustic TV console!

It’s been a little over 20 months since Miss J has been born.  Which means it’s been a year and a half since we’ve completed construction on her bedroom.

When we learned she would be becoming a part of our family we contemplated moving since we only had 3 bedrooms.  But we really do love our house so after much deliberation, we decided to take the somewhat unused portion of our family room and make it into a small nursery.

Done.  Our family room became a “cozy” space to relax in.

Here’s a pic of the room before I really got my hands on it.


I then set to work figuring out exactly how I wanted that space to feel.


I also knew it wasn’t big but could pack a punch with just the right pieces.  And so the search began.

The search for the piece of furniture to sit underneath the TV.  It needed to have many duties and I wanted to utilize the space in the room as much as possible.

This meant I needed to find a 7 foot X 1 foot piece.  I wanted open shelving.  I wanted wood.  I wanted the right height.

I wanted, wanted but never found what I knew to be my FEEL GOOD piece.

I also knew that I was very picky and very VISUAL when it comes to my home.

 It needs to look right to me for it to FEEL RIGHT.  

Somehow, not sure how, I came across Liz… the creator of lizmarieblog.  I just really loved her style and I frequented her site.

What do you know?  One day, on there I find this post… DIY RUSTIC TV CONSOLE.

THAT’S IT!  That’s exactly what I need to go in my space.  And her husband made it!  He even has his own blog, craftsmandrive.com, where he gives you directions!

And that’s where Anthony comes in… cause God knows… the man can create…




6 hours (+ an hour of my staining) later and whala!!!

Here’s what we’ve got and I couldn’t be more in awe…


img_0587 img_0589




So thank you to Liz and “Mr. LMB” for sharing their DIY project – I AM TOTALLY IN LOVE! 

Whaddya’ think?

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