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Maca and Shakeology

Doing some research on MACA
Why? Cause a FIT AND FABULOUS member was asking about it yesterday…
And check this out…
MACA is said to…

help ease anxiety and depression

aid in the treatment of cancer

promote hair growth

promote weight loss

relieve menstrual and menopausal issues

increase energy level

boost libido

My superfood vitamin shake today contains MACA…
…and it tastes like STRAWBERRY today!
I’m a happy girl…

See when someone talks at me with, ” I like to chew my food”, I totally get it.  I wasn’t a fan of protein shakes in general before I tried Shakeology.

The thing is… after researching the ingredients, I know for sure that I wasn’t chewing on “maca”.


Ashwaganda (known to enhance brain function, reduces anxiety)

Spirulina (known to help lower cholesterol)

Camu-Camu (known to fight inflammation)

Or most of the other 70+ superfoods that are contained in Shakeology.

So I tried it.  Now I feel healthier, have curbed my cravings, increased my energy and improved my digestion.  Not to mention my hair and nails grow like weeds!

So now I consider it my SUPERFOOD VITAMIN!

Are you eating your superfoods daily?




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