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Maca and Shakeology

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Doing some research on MACA Why? Cause a FIT AND FABULOUS member was asking about it yesterday... And check this out... MACA is said to... help ease anxiety and depression aid in the treatment of cancer promote hair growth promote weight loss relieve menstrual and menopausal issues increase energy level boost libido My superfood vitamin [...]

Chicken with Artichokes for the Win!

This is always a fav at our house! Chicken with Artichokes (Can be adapted for the slow cooker too, so it's great for those busy days!) Print Chicken with Artichokes for the Win! Author: Lauren Nenna Prep time:  5 mins Cook time:  45 mins Total time:  50 mins Serves: 4   Ingredients 4 Tbsp butter 1 onion [...]

Empowered or Zombie?

Are you getting enough sleep?   Recovery is one of the most misunderstood aspects of physical fitness. Did you know your muscles actually grow while you rest?   Sleep deprivation negatively impacts: our mood our ability to focus our ability to access higher level cognitive functions   A study at Duke University found that poor [...]

I believe…

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    Hey there! Don't know me? I help smart, busy moms discover how to live their FEEL GOOD life by suggesting daily actions to get measureable results. I teach them how to show up as the very best version of themselves. Always. FEEL GOOD living has been an interest of mine for some time. As a [...]

Acorn Squash Sausage Stuffing

SUPER HUGE SHOUT OUT TO OUR PROGRAM MEMBER OF THE WEEK, Janet Friscia! Janet is in her second round with us! Round #1 results = DOWN 8.6 lbs and over 9 inches! Why is she our member of the week? For sharing this AWESOME recipe of course! This program is about sharing, motivating, lifting each [...]