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Have you heard about a “freedom based business”?


…for family

…in finances

…of time

…to feel confident in your own skin

…to make your own hours

…to work when and where you want

…to make money in your sleep?  (um… yeah!)

This is something you can achieve. 


Our “coaching family” is about helping people live HAPPIER, HEALTHIER, more FULFILLING lives

— and it starts with ourselves —

Whether those goals are physical, mental, spiritual or financial,

your success as a coach is not about selling, it’s about

sharing your own FEEL GOOD JOURNEY with others…

HELPING them see that they can do it too

and then MOTIVATING THEM to accomplish their goals.


Team Your BEST You is on a mission to create an ARMY of  “life changers”

all helping other people FEEL GOOD!

We’re a “family” of coaches, all working toward a FEEL GOOD LIFE!  

We’re busy creating businesses that are structured around

community, service, shared success, and sisterhood!

We collaborate instead of compete.  

We’re here to:

1) Help teach you how you can become both healthy AND wealthy.
2) Make money while being of service.
3) Be a part of the “healthy living” movement.
4) Find physical and financial freedom while loving what you do.
5) Learn from people who’ve done it.

When you partner with me I teach you the exact system and business model that I’ve used to build a successful business based around some of the best health and fitness products on the market.  

You then intern with me as a coach in my Fit and Fabulous program,

learning how to motivate others and help them achieve their health and wellness goals.  

I teach you how to confidently run your business and then we then partner and collaborate regularly.

You’re never left alone!  

I help you create a wellness business that FEELS GOOD to run!

The coaches on Team Your BEST You are

teachers, stay at home moms, social workers, health care practitioners and more 

and they all have one thing in common:

They’re committed to helping others FEEL GOOD!


I’m excited you’re interested in becoming part of our coach family.  

This opportunity has blessed my family beyond measure, and I’ve made it my passion to share it with others.

I only accept 5 new interns a month so if you’d like to be considered or simply learn more, 

complete the form below.



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