Hey, listen up... there is no such thing as being completely ready.
You're never going to feel like you've got things completely figured out.

If you get to the place where you're just a little more excited than afraid, that's when you go for it. 

That's when you go all in.

To hell with playing it safe. 

It's time to see what this business can DO FOR YOU!

Here's why we we're different ...

We build our own wellness business.
We don't get paid per recruits.
We are NOT product distributors.

We DO get paid: 

To educate and motivate people
To create real lasting relationships
To listen when someone is desperate and looking for a health or wealth change.

To help people discover what they are capable of. 

We get paid for loving people. 

Health wise + Business wise

We share OUR love of our lifestyle, how we've incorporated the lifestyle to change OUR lives, and help others to the same.


We're a supportive group of chicks working together to help build your freedom-based virtual wellness business. We provide trainings, structure, advice, support, and live events to help you get started and grow wealth for your future.

As part of The Your Best You Crew, you will have the opportunity to build a freedom based business of your own, create wealth for your future, and do it in a fun, supportive environment all while learning from experts in the field. 

OH... and make a bunch of awesome girlfriends in the process! 

We work exclusively with {an elite  health and fitness product company} and practice a new style of network marketing.

We call it “Conscious Network Marketing.”

Which means, as part of our crew…

  • You’ll build a profitable VIRTUAL business that helps make someone else’s life better RIGHT FROM YOUR OWN HOME ON YOUR TIME!
  • You’ll grow meaningful relationships with people you enjoy as part of your work.
  • You’ll participate in the only business model where someone else has a financial stake in your success, which creates an environment in which you’re truly supported to reach your highest potential.
  • You’ll benefit from a long-term source of residual income so your work pays off more and more over time.
  • You’ll profit even more from the work of the people you train, without taking away from their success, so you can enjoy a true team dynamic.
  • Your success is dictated entirely by your own efforts, so the more effective you are, the more you’ll make.